Why Prescient?

Prescient Designer uses cutting-edge design automation technology to help enterprises gain complete control over their IoT solutions and achieve long-term adoption success.

Other ProductsPrescient Designer
  • Data injector with cloud functions only
  • Limited programming & customization
  • Complete system integration with both cloud and edge components
  • Fully programmable & customizable
  • Design apps using Software Development Kits (SDKs) in separate environment
  • Design apps directly inside Designer using unified no-code or low-code development
  • Typically handled by separate security providers
  • Built inside the architecture
  • End-to-End security with content based monitoring
  • Fully auditable trail
  • Requires complex integration of disparate components
  • Seamless integration of disparate components
  • Limited design collaboration features
  • Multi-User authentication and collaboration support
  • Work across teams and divisional boundaries
  • Limited end-to-end system support
  • Complete solution support from hardware to software to analytics

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