Prescient Designer

Design, simulate, deploy, done.


Prescient Devices provides software to simplify enterprise IoT development and management. Our low-code design automation software enables system integrators, IT/OT engineers, and data scientists to build sensor-to-cloud IoT and edge computing solutions, with ultimate simplicity and infinite scalability.

10 times

Faster development

10 times

Lower cost

10 times

Simplified support


Agile development


Transparent design


Advanced security


Reduced training


Complete control


Future proof


Build and manage integrated edge apps, cloud apps, and interactive dashboards all on a single platform, with enterprise-grade security and scalability. Supports Node-RED’s familiar interface and open ecosystem, and enhanced with automated deployment, orchestration, CI/CD workflow, and much more.

IoT Security

Security is the number one concern in IoT adoption. Prescient Designer gives you complete control and transparency so that you know exactly what your apps are doing. We apply standard and proprietary security measures to protect your end-to-end system.

Threat Modeler

Prescient Designer generates threat models directly from your designs to show you potential threat vectors, existing security measures, and additional mitigation methods. We help you integrate IoT threat modeling into your IT security framework.

Teams Integrator

Enterprises don’t just adopt one IoT solution. They adopt many disparate IoT solutions across the organization. Teams Integrator enables you to collaborate among your teams, share design modules, enforce policies, and link solutions to generate additional value.

System Simulator

Want to know how your devices would perform before you deploy them? Our simulation engine allows you to test your solutions, on one device or one thousand, before you have to order the hardware. Want to know how your system would scale? Simulate it to understand its behavior.

Machine Vision

The machine vision package enables you to perform Machine Learning (ML) based vision applications in the edge devices. This enables your solution to perform security monitoring and event detection directly at the edge, saving bandwidth, cost, and improving privacy.

Process Automation

We provide support for industrial sensors and protocols to enable advanced process automation solutions that are automated, connected, and intelligent. Free your IT and OT engineers from mundane tasks and empower them to build smart Industry 4.0 solutions.

API Support

We have API support for all the modules.

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