Case Studies

We Enable Customers to Build Competitive Advantages Using IoT


Integrated IoT Solution for Smart Manufacturing


A large global manufacturing customer is adopting Industry 4.0. The company IT team needs to build and support many fragmented applications: quality control, product test, component monitoring, etc. Solutions they use today are also very fragmented and becoming increasingly difficult to support. They would like an IoT solution that can:

  • Support multiple applications under the same framework
  • Enable IT teams to build and manage solutions faster and easier, and scale solutions across many facilities
  • Collect and process data from each station or device and generate high-level insights
  • Support advanced IoT/AI modules they can integrate into their solutions

Prescient Designer was conceived to support fragmented industrial and manufacturing IoT applications. Its features include:

  • Support for common industrial hardware, sensors, and protocols
  • Create arbitrary applications in the cloud and at the edge
  • Powerful data analytics and visualization in the cloud and at the edge
  • Solution templates for advanced manufacturing IoT/AI functions
  • Collaborate and share solutions among teams, sites, and organizations

We worked with the customer’s IT team first remotely and then on site. Due to the ease of use of Prescient Designer, the customer was able to program automated test solutions after a short 2-hour training session. Customer commented that Prescient Designer enables them to build many custom tasks that used to require multiple disparate hardware and software solutions.


Machine-Vision Based Remote Inspection Solution


A major enterprise customer needs a solution to monitor equipment status. Current solution requires manual, on-site operator inspection, which is infrequent, time-consuming, and error-prone. The customer would like to use IoT to:

  • Automate the inspection process using machine vision and machine learning
  • Expand detection capability to more uses cases after deployment
  • Add new sensors and sensing capabilities after deployment

Prescient Devices builds a solution using its machine vision package with the following features:

  • Automatic detection at the edge using low-cost hardware, which means that video data does not need to be transmitted to the cloud, reducing bandwidth, cost, and improving privacy
  • Programmable application logic for customers to make easy modifications to the solution, if desired
  • Programmable control panel for customers to visualize detection results, enter information into database, and request image capture from the edge devices
  • Future-proof solution where detection model can be modified and new hardware and software can be added post deployment

Unlike conventional solutions that are difficult to customize, Prescient Devices provides a machine-vision solution that is transparent, customizable, fast to deploy and scale, and is future-proof. Prescient Devices continues to work with the customer to add new detection capabilities and expand their application scope.

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