Adoption Program

We build a complete POC solution for customers, provide training and support, and guide customers toward IoT design management.

As shown in the following table, IoT adoption typically occurs in three phases. In Phase I, customers begin IoT adoption through POC projects and turnkey solutions. In Phase II, customers find turnkey solutions no longer adequate and look to customize their solutions. Customers also acquire more advanced data analytics capabilities. Moving from Phase I to Phase II is hard because most turnkey solutions do not support flexible customization. In Phase III, customers create a unified IoT strategy across their organization and achieve advanced value creation through cross-divisional integration.

Adoption PhasesCustomer ActionsPDI activities
Phase IProofs-of-Concepts Turnkey solutionsBuild full PoC solutions
Phase IICustomized solutions & Advanced analyticsApplication consulting & support
Phase IIIIntegrate across divisional boundariesTeams collaboration features

Prescient Devices helps customers to step through the three adoption phases. In Phase I, we build a customizable turnkey solution for customers. We then provide training for customers to use the solution and to make customized design changes. This helps customers to migrate to Phase II, where they are able to build their own solutions using our pre-qualified hardware and software modules. As customers gain confidence in IoT design management, they move to Phase III where Prescient Designer provides team collaboration capabilities and enables customers to build standardized solution modules across their organization.

To further help customers with initial adoption, Prescient Devices offers a Product Adoption Program. In this program, we build a complete POC solution for customers, provide training and support, and guide customers toward IoT design management, all without extra charge. customers only pay for the software and hardware needed. Specifically, we work with customers through the following product adoption process:

  • Discuss with the customer’s project lead to define a specific solution
  • Build the solution and hand the solution to the customer
  • Provide 4-hour remote or onsite training
  • Provide free 30-day unlimited phone and online support

We work with customers every step of the way in the IoT adoption process. Please check out application examples in Case Studies.

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